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Return of Regular Meetings

Changing it up at 307


Due to the changing face of Freemasonry as we know it after the very lengthy COVID closedown for the craft, many lodges are struggling to return to meeting regularly while other lodges will not re-open at all.

At Union and Crown No.307, we have been very fortunate to have survived the pandemic issues and are meeting again under safe precautions of mask wearing as per Grand Lodge and ScotGov regulations, and sanitiser on hand to ensure as safe an environment as possible for all brethren.

In order to maintain a healthy attendance and interest in the lodge meetings, we have implemented a new approach to the syllabus for this year and going forward. 

The syllabus provided in the side menu to the left, will give everyone a view of our plans to incorporate regular degree work at meetings for new candidates, followed by a dramatised degree at the very next meeting to give our new brethren a different kind of Masonic experience and education as they progress through the degree path, and to learn what freemasonry is all about through three entertaining, historic and humour laced adaptations of masonic meetings:

- An EA degree from a Prisoner of War Camp,

- a FC degree in a tavern in 1824

- and a MM degree from the building of King Solomons Temple.


These have to be seen to be fully appreciated. Check out the syllabus page for more details.


David McArthur PM Secretary

Lodge Union and Crown NO.307